Toroazul Painting and Fine Arts
W a l l  M u r a l s
Street of Las Mercedes
7.5 '  x  4  '  
painted screen, oil on wood
Price  $ 7,000
La Guaira Venezuela:
MOTOROLA Cell phone
2 meters  by  1 meter
oil on canvas
Corporate Collection of
In 1993, the MOTOROLA - NORTEL  Corporation commissioned me to
paint several mural-size canvases and a number of smaller oil compositions
for their newly opened offices in Caracas, Venezuela. At that time, the
company was launching a full-scale marketing promotion of their cellular
phone technology, and they asked  me to depict this in several murals.

Some of the figures standing or sitting by the fruit stands in the lower
section of the above painting are using cell phones, as is the man in the
small power boat crossing the large area of water just above the fruit stands
in that same lower left-hand corner.  Also, if you squint your eyes, you may
see another interesting detail in this mural :  an equestrian statue of South
American Liberator Simon Bolivar in the little town wharf by the white
building under the red "Motorola" billboard.
Message in a Bottle:
MOTOROLA Cell phone
1 meter by  1 meter
oil on canvas
Corporate Collection of
In this mural designed for the MOTOROLA - NORTEL  
Corporation, I painted a cell phone inside a bottle floating onto the
beach of a primitive island. The fisherman on the shore is making a
fishing net in the hexagonal shape of digital technology, my way of
suggesting the connection between fishing and capturing voice signals.
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