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Illustrations forI l l u s t r a t i o n s
O n e  H u n d r e d  Y e a r s  
o f     S o l i t u d e
by Gabriel García Márquez
The images on this page
were illustrated by me some
time ago for the novel
Hundred Years of Solitude
(Cien años de soledad)
Colombian Nobel Prize
  Gabriel García

Written in the late 1960s, the
book tells the epic story of
the Buendía family. The
author's style of "magic
realism" created a boom for
Latin American literature,
inspiring several generations
of writers to tell the myriad
stories of their respective
countries using innovative
language and narrative
~~José Arcadio Buendía shut
himself up in his study with
old astrolabes and ancient
texts  in order to make sense
of the cosmos~~
pen and ink
5.5 " x  7.8 "
~~"And he revealed his
discovery to them: -- The
world, he asserted, is as
round as an orange!"~~
pen and ink
7 " x  7 "
~~"When they awoke, with the
sun high in the sky, the men
of the expedition saw an old
pen and ink
5 " x  5.5 "
~~M E L Q UI A D E S~~
pen and ink
8 " x  2 "
These original illustrations in  pen
and ink are available for purchase.

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more information.
~~Our Lady of Solitude~~
pen and ink
4.25 " x  6 "
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