Toroazul Painting and Fine Arts
Black and White Works
L a n d s c a p e s, C i t i s c a p e s,  a n d  H i s t o r y

ROCA and Peru Streets ~~ BUENOS AIRES
pen and ink
8.5 "  x 11 "
Private collection

Lighthouse in Bahia ~~ BRAZIL
pen and ink
8.5 "  x  11 "
Private collection
Most of my finished pen and
ink drawings start as quick
scribbles or pencil sketches in
my artist's notebook when I
travel. I use the
"old-fashioned" nib pen that
is dipped in the inkwell to
draw these images. One of
the beauties of these nib
pens is that their line weight
or thickness is determined
not by some pre-set POINT
SIZE (.25, .15, etc.), as in
mechanical pens, but by how
much pressure the human
hand exerts on the nib pen.
Piazza S. Spirito (Florence)
pen and ink, 7" x 14"
CLICK here to read
more about the
drawing PROCESS!

Architectural Motifs from
La Recoleta ~~ Buenos Aires
grey-blue pencil
11 " x 8.5 "
Private collection
This is an original drawing in
pen and ink, entered in
Miami's Hispanic Heritage
Festival (1985), and winner of
an honorable mention in the
contest. All the human
figures, animals, and
waterscape elements were
researched and drawn by me,
the artist, especially for this
composition. The wildly
passioanate journeys of
Spanish conquistador Juan
Ponce de Leon to Florida in
search of the Fountain of
Youth are chronicled by 16th
century historians like
Garcilaso de la Vega el Inca
and others, which were also
read in preparation for this
Ponce de Leon Arrives in Florida

Private collection
pen and ink, 23" x 18"
Fisherman of Barlovento
pen and ink, 14" x 11"
Private collection
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