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Mythological subjects are the poet's
way of explaining the universe by
telling stories whose characters or
situations express in a deeper way the
essence of existence, space, and time.
In this pen and ink illustration of a
scene in Homer's
Odyssey, I depict the
joyful moment of hero Odysseus'
(Ulysses) return to his native land of
Ithaka, as described in Book 13 of the

This mythological episode "sings" to
me about the profound connection of
Odysseus to his land -- so deep, in
fact, that his home soil literally comes
alive  and  "dances" with him, in the
form of water nymphs,  to celebrate the
end of his journey.

The 20th-century poet, Constantine
CAVAFY wrote a wonderful poem,
Journey to Ithaka, describing how each
of us may experience the same life
journey of an Odysseus  --- and the
same homecoming  !  (
Ulysses dancing
pen and ink  11"  x 14"
Private collection
This is one of the most intense moments of Homer's Odyssey :
Telemachos had waited for his father's return for 10 long years and he
had  heard so many conflicting rumors about his father, that he believed
him dead.  Odysseus himself felt his life validated when he embraced his
now-grown son again.
Ulysses reunites with his son
pen and ink  11"  x 14"
Private collection
I drew this pen and ink image of the last supper of Jesus
and his disciples, as though it had taken place today, in
a condo apartment of Miami's Coconut Grove area,
where I lived for many years.  
The Last Supper
pen and ink  8.5  "  x 11 "
Private collection
pastel on paper
24"  x 18"
$ 8 0 0
Elegua (The Trickster)
pastel on paper   24 "  x 18"
$ 8 0 0
The story of Cupid (or Eros) and
Psyche (the Soul) comes to us in one
of its fullest, most illuminating forms  
from a Latin text of magic and
instruction titled
The Golden Ass,
written in Roman times. The tale of
these two lovers  is a delightful
explanation about the importance of
uniting HEART and MIND  in the
human character.
Cupid and Psyche
11"  x 14"
Private collection
The Journey of the Magi
pen and ink
8 "  x  8 "
Private collection
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From a statue of Cupid and Psyche
in Rome's Palazzo Altemps
conte crayon on paper 2011
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