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The artistic process:
The power of preliminary sketches
Endymion and the Moon
pen and ink
14"  x 18"
Private collection
For some artists like myself, the PROCESS of
creating a pen and ink landscape such as
"Endymion and the Moon" (above), first requires
scribbling  a series of very rough thumbnail
sketches, also called croquis (
CLICK here) to
capture the main idea, image wise.
The following images show the next step in the PROCESS --- a
series of more developed images where I begin to define the
characters and  the landscape more in pencil. Sometimes the white
of the page literally gives birth to those forms . . . .
Endymion and the Moon
111 "  x  8.5 "
$ 4 0 0
Similar explorations are a vital part of the PORTRAIT process as
well.  My eventual decision to  paint this young Dutch athlete as he
read a magazine -- immersed in a simple black background --  was
made easier by the intermediate pencil sketch (below, right)). The
sketch allowed me to simplify things and zero in on his head,
shoulders,  and upper arms. But focusing on such essentials, needing
little or no background, is rare. At that point the artist is not only
observing but actually seeing.  
H e r m a n
36 "  x  46 "
Private collection
H e r m a n
11  "  x   8.5 "
$ 4 0 0
Another useful reason for preliminary sketching is to answer the
question,  "What's fit to print? ". . . . Some "editorial" decisions
went  into the process of selecting the image for the frontispiece of
Ricardo Aguiar's
Twenty Short Stories of the Cuban Revolution
 (1987). Note how the early drawings of the young Cuban
political prisoner in the following images may suggest the idea of
rape. The frontispiece (see pen and ink below)  is much violent.    
Study for frontis : 20 cuentos...
11 "  x  8.5 "
Study for frontis : 20 cuentos...
11 "  x  8.5 "
Another crucial factor in artistic
expression is the
material of the
medium : the type of paper, the ink,
or the graphite.  For me,  the
minotaur emblem that appears
throughout this web site is not
just a tale of mythological
transformation! It describes  the
way the artistic PROCESS can
allow you to become ONE with the
raw,  "animal" materials inside
the pencil or paint pigments . . . .
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