Our Lady of Charity with
36" diameter
oil on wood
Private collection
Toroazul Painting and Fine Arts
The Virgin Mary, according to
legend, appeared to three
fishermen lost in a stormy sea in
the Bay of Nipe, near Santiago
de Cuba, in the late 1600s. A
small image with the words "I
am the Virgin of Charity"  
appeared floating on the water
and led the three men to safety
from the storm. Many Cubans
still pray to La Caridad, or
Ochun (Oh-shoon) as she is also
called in the Afro-Cuban  or
Yoruba religion. In the past 40
years, devotion to La Caridad
has gained special significance,
with so many Cubans risking
their lives at sea  in search of
Our Lady of Charity of the
40" diameter
oil on canvas
Private collection
Our Lady of Charity with
25 "  x  19"
Private collection
My images of the Virgin of Charity, or La Caridad, take many
shapes and colors. They are devotional icons, inspired by
different events going on in the world around me or
surrounding the person who commissions one of these pieces.
For example, the image of the Lady in a round medallion,
surrounded by a border of "mermen" has a very stormy
atmosphere, heightened by the dark blue mantle of night,
because the clients who commissioned the painting told me they
were going through a sort of "storm in their life and they
wanted the icon to guard their home from harm.
I paint these icons according to personal specifications and
wishes, although also according to my own personal style and
artistic insights.
Our Lady of Charity
30" diameter
egg tempera on wood
Private Commission
La Caridad del Cobre
24 "  diameter
oil on canvas
Private collection
Caridad de los sirenos roja
40" diameter
oil on canvas
Private collection
Our Lady of Charity with
Shells and Fishes
40" diameter
oil on canvas
Private collection
Our Lady of Charity
32"  x  29"
oil on canvas
Collection of the artist
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Our Lady of Charity with Shipwreck and Dolphin
10 " diameter
oil on canvas
En una noche
5 " X 6"
pencil on paper
Private collection
La tormenta de ORO
watercolor    8 "  x   6 "
Private collection