Toroazul Painting and Fine Arts
C i t i e s  o f  L o v e
Cartagena, Sao Paulo, Bahia, Asunción,
and Miami
This painting of Cartagena, Colombia, was composed from
sketches drawn "on site" during several trips to that old
colonial port. I was also inspired in the earlier port city of
Carthage on the Mediterranean, which, among other things,
was the setting for the love story of the Roman hero Aeneas,
and the Carthagenian queen, DIDO in Virgil's poem,
The Aeneid,  written during the reign of the Emperor Caesar
Augustus, c. 19 B.C.
Classical Cartagena
5 '  x  7'
oil on wood
Private collection
B a h i a
30  "    x    40  "
oil on canvas
Private collection
Salvador, Bahia -- there is something of Jerusalem and of the
river Ganges about this mystical yet most sensual of American
cities. The day before the feast of
Nosso Senhor de BomFim , I
saw rows and rows of the Bahiana  women on their knees . . .
dressed in white dresses and turbans, joyfully scrubbing the
streets of the old town with perfumed water for a procession the
following day.
Playa colorada (Venezuela)
18 "  x  14 "
oil on canvas
Private collection
I painted this view of Asunción, Paraguay, from an unsual
angle -- Caballero Park, near the old Chacarita
neighborhood . Here, the poorer side of town ,with its
irregularity,  foliage, and deep red soil, somehow looks
richer than the downtown  skyscrapers.
30 "    x    40 "
oil on canvas
Private collection
M i a m i   R i v e r
24 "  x  36 "
oil on canvas
Private collection
In this view of Sao Paulo, Brazil, I
decided to feature Caravaggio's famous
painting of "The Conversion of St. Paul "  
(on the billboard to the right) as a tribute to
the city's patron saint . Below on the
rooftop are two soda pop vendors and also
a child playing with a n architectural
model of the city's earliest colonial building,
the Jesuit  Real Colegio.
Sao Paulo, Brazil
24 "  x  30 "
oil on canvas
Private collection
Also painted and thought out from
sketches and studies drawn "on site"
in Old Cartagena, this canvas
shows the elegant mixture of
classical and tropical  elements
found in that great  Caribbean city.
This painting is available for
purchase. (
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Cartagena ~~The  Old Port
20 " x  30 "
oil on canvas
$  10, 0 0 0
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I learned to see and paint water and light on the
Miami River . I have notebooks and notebooks full of
color-pencil sketches of its boats and of the people
who work there.
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