Toroazul Painting and Fine Arts
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S t i l l - l i f e  and
A b s t r a c t D es i g n
These images of my students' art
highlight the studio work done in one
of the Freehand Drawing classes I
recently taught at the University of
School of Architecture. The
overall course focus and content were
designed and supervised by SOA
Professor Rocco Ceo.
The students were introduced to basic color theory and still-life
composition, and they were asked first to produce a color-pencil
study of their fruit subject. Then they had to "abstract" the
deeper color harmonies and form of the fruit and combine these
to create a floor tile design for a hypothetical fruit export
company in Miami, Florida. It was astonishing  to see how
limes, mangoes, coconuts, and pineapples exploded into myriad
design combinations.
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