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This page contains images of the first
paintings done by my two young drawing
students, Michael and Renzo, during
approximately 10 sessions. They were
looking -- as a model -- at the monochrome
grisaille shown here to the left, whose
original grisaille was painted by Raphael's
workshop in the 1510's, and is located in
one of the famous Papal Apartments or
Stanze, in the Vatican.
This was these students' 2nd exercise in
painting. And we deliberately kept the
exercise one-color, so they could learn how to
handle the painting medium and address the
act of painting as one of
This also allowed them to concentrate on
issues of proportion, chiaroscuro, and
composition..., which are similar in both
drawing and painting.
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Michael Whalen
age 14
acrylic  25 x 20 cm
Pope Sylvester I ties up the mouth
of a Dragon...
Raphael and his
workshop, circa 1512
, fresco
In my classes I encourage these
students to think of painting as
and to think of what they are
drawing as a narrative or plot line
that they are narrating in darks and
lights. I also tell them to "see" their
image as though through a dreamy
kind of haze at first, so they can
better concentrate on relative sizes
and  values of the general areas.  In
fact, they have also learnt often use
the DaVinci trick of looking at their
work through a mirror, in order to
dis-attach themselves from their work
and thus view it with more
Renzo Punay
age 14
acrylic  25 x 20 cm
At all times while I teach these students, I paint right alongside them.
That way we not only work as a team and critique each other's progress, but I
can experience and anticipate possible difficulties in order to guide them better
! Below is a photo of my own results in this same exercise.
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