Although at present, "drawing" software programs are all the rage,
what these programs do is not really draw. But especially in
architecture schools students are more and more hard-pressed to
opt out of learning and refining traditional freehand drawing
methods -- with the argument that only students with solid
computer drawing and design knowledge will find employment -- I
have seen how students actually THINK and make design
connections differently when they are taught to understand forms
and space, using sight-measuring and other freehand techniques in
the old-fashioned way.
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à l'antica
Toroazul Painting and Fine Arts
The studies of drapery displayed above were drawn by two of my
freehand drawing students at the University of Miami School of
Architecture sometime in 2007-2008. In this class, I read students
several short passages from Leonardo Da Vinci's journals where he
urges students to almost draw "through" the drapes, so the
drawing articulates the form that the drapes are hanging from!
In the first of these student studies of draperies, one can indeed
"see" the chair underneath.

The crayon study of one of the sea horses in the Fountain of
Neptune in Rome's Piazza Navona was the work of
Bianca Latini, also my freehand drawing student, as part of her
portfolio preparation project for application to an architecture
program in the coming months. In this spirited rendition of
Bernini's sculpture ... I think Bianca also lets us "see" the horse
under the sculpture!
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