Toroazul Painting and Fine Arts
F a u x  F i n i s h e s
Street of Las Mercedes
7.5 '  x  4  '  
painted screen, oil on wood
Price  $ 7,000
Ceiling finish and border
original color design in egg tempera
The Ocean Club
Key Biscayne, Florida
The use of EGG TEMPERA, a very old painting technique using the egg
yolk as medium, enhanced the FAUX FINISH of this recessed ceiling . I
also designed the  "Greek Isles" border festoon around the ceiling. This design  
was not copied using a  stencil but rather entirely  hand-painted.  The
luminous, satin-like quality of the blue egg tempera far outshines anything
like this in acrylic or lime-based paint
Two DETAIL photos of the ceiling
egg tempera on primed drywall

The Ocean Club
Key Biscayne, Florida
EGG TEMPERA was also
used to create the illusion of a
sky at dawn inside a similarly
recessed but oval ceiling area in
the foyer of the same Ocean
Club condominium in Key
Biscayne, Florida.
Using the stylized flower
pattern in the marble floor, I
painted what looks like an
ornamental glass border around
the opening to the morning sky.
DETAIL photos of the oval ceiling
showing the faux finish in egg tempera
under different lighting.

The Ocean Club
Key Biscayne, Florida
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