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W a l l  M u r a l s
Old Havana's M A L E C O N
This original, life-size Mural Painting
of Havana -Cuba's famous seawall
was painted in the Trompe L'Oeil technique to give the piece
its realistic
"walk-in" effect.
This evocative, wall mural was painted in acrylic on a primed cotton canvas
measuring 8 feet in height (at the apex) by 24 feet wide.  

In this panorama, a typical snow-cone seller gazes longingly at the Caribbean
from his magical hand-built cart of ice-cold "granizados" (snow cones).  In
real life, Havana's landmark Malecón girds both old and new sections of the
Cuban capital, joining city and sea in a unique and harmonious arrangement.
A boulevard and promenade for cars and pedestrians alike, the Malecón is also
a "threshold" emblem  of the island's recent history, so riddled with episodes
of mass exodus and  public demonstrations crushed by Fidel Castro's
ubiquitous militia.  In 1994, one such flight took place here, as thousands of
Cubans were given the green light to literally sail away to the United States
in homespun rafts made of automobile tires, tarp, pieces of wood and metal,
etc. (
CLICK here to view some  of my paintings evoking the 1994 crisis.)    

This handsome
MURAL is painted on canvas,  and it may be hung on a large
wall area --- using the existing brass rivets located along the top of the piece,
or it may be affixed to a smooth wall surface with adhesive artist's glue.  It is
a beautiful piece of Cuban Nostalgia. Ideal for a large dining/living room, or
restaurant/hotel area.
These DETAIL photos
show the true turquoise  
colors of the mural as they
look in full daylight.   
The charming human figure
and buildings in the
composition are loosely
drawn in color, giving the
work a fresh, joyful quality.
For more information about
purchasing this ORIGINAL
WALL MURAL for your
home, restaurant, or for
installment in a public space,
please contact the artist.

(CLICK here!)
This photo was taken
when I was painting
the finishing touches on
the snow-cone seller of
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