Toroazul Painting and Fine Arts
E l   M a l e c ó n
El Malecón
(Seawall of Havana )
1 meter x 2 meters
oil on canvas
Private Collection
The seawall bordering the northern side of Havana is
one of the  Cuban capital's loveliest and most evocative
landmarks. I painted  only the sea and the wall --
without the buildings that line the famous boulevard .
While the seawall is a specific location in Cuba, in this
painting I also saw it as a sort of meditation about
how we humans try to bound and measure the
El ciego
(The Blindman)
36 " x 48 "
oil on canvas
Private Collection
The marriage of ocean and architecture
is one of the most unique features of
Havana's design as a city. In this
painting, more than a mere backdrop,
the band of blue sea beyond  the
ón "enters"  the refreshment bar
and gives light, color, and movement
to the interior scene.
The White Boot
11 "  x  8.5 "
oil on canvas
Private Collection
Melones del Malecón
25  "  x  19 "
Private Collection
S a i l o r   a n d   P i r u l e r o
20 " x 20 "
oil on canvas
Private collection
El marinero y la negrita
30 "  x  40 "
oil on canvas
Private collection
This is a dreamscape. I painted it from sketches
and dream journal entries kept during my trip to
Bahia, Brazil. But it could easily be associated
with the recurrent Havana motifs in my artwork
and daydreams. One thing I liked about this vision
is the way the massive white building, the water,
and the light seem to meld into one.
CLICK here to view my
MURAL painting of El
Malecón (the Seawall of
Havana )
8 '   x  24 '
acrylic on canvas
Available for purchase and
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