This is my friend William Bogz Candelaria, posing for the winter catalog of
Roman Antique Ski Wear -- the same day of the magical snowfall of 2010.
Toroazul Painting and Fine Arts
Old Trastevere
The Painter in (Roman) snow
February 12, 2010
The snows that have covered parts of the American northeast as well
as Spain and other Mediterranean areas of Europe this year, arrived in
Rome this fine morning. And I captured these images of the courtyard
in the noble house here in Trastevere, where I am fortunate to live, to
remember the event.
This courtyard has always reminded me of a patio in old Camaguey,
Cuba, where I grew up. But the snow today puts another spin on things!
Through the doors behind me, and beyond the living room inside, is yet
another door that leads to a part of this house that was found when it
was being redesigned after my landlady and her husband bought it about
20 years ago. That inner space contains old Roman mosaic floors and
fragments of wall frescoes probably from the Imperial age. The landlady
tells me that there are even legends that say Julius Caesar installed
Cleopatra in this house and area of the City when he brought her from
Egypt with her royal entourage in the first century B.C.
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