Toroazul Painting and Fine Arts
Street of Las Mercedes
7.5 '  x  4  '  
painted screen, oil on wood
Private collection
Street of Old Camaguey
6.5 '  x  3.5 '  
painted screen, oil on wood
Private collection
Painted screens (paravanes or biombos, in Spanish) can
be more than static paintings or room dividers.

These particular pieces were painted on both sides and,
since they movable and may be opened or semi-closed at
different angles, the works become  free-standing
sculptures that take various "forms," depending on the
viewer's vantage point.

Although these two screens may be enjoyed solely on a
decorative level, I painted the one on the left inspired in
Our Lady of Mercy. In my hometown of Camagüey,
Cuba, there is a three-hundred year old church dedicated
to Las Mercedes, as she is known there.

La Virgen de las Mercedes, or  Obatalá in Cuba's Yoruba
religion --- her spirit of  liberation was traditionally
called upon by prisoners or slaves in times of need
throughout Cuban history.

There is a small image of La Merced inside the church in
this painted screen ---s he is, in fact, breaking a piece of
chain that  she holds in her hands.
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