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Tour descriptions
At first sight, to the tourist, the appearance of the Roman Forum and
Palatine Hill are as daunting as the names, dates, and references that
many tour guides then "pile on top" of the archaeology as part of their
"explanations"! . In my approach,  a brief introduction to some key
names and concepts rapidly helps the visitor understand what he is
seeing -- and connect it to familiar names like Julius Caesar, the Senate,
or the myths of the She-Wolf and
Romulus and Remus.
Choose from the following
TOUR DESCRIPTIONS  the one of most
interest to you. Also at the bottom of this page you will find  MAPS to
help you locate the departure points of each tour within the City.

contact me to arrange a convenient date and time for our walk!  

The Forum and Palatine : this tour focuses on archaic,
republican, and imperial Rome, visiting the Old Senate; the
Arches of Titus and Constantine; the Temples of Saturn, the
Vestal Virgins, and Juius Caesar; the huts of Romulus,
Domizian's Palace, the House of Augustus (CLICK here), and
the Farnese Gardens (mornings or afternoons, 2 hrs.)

Isola Tiberina and Jewish Ghetto : this itinerary starts at the  
Isola Tiberina and Ponte Fabricio and proceeds to the nearby
area of Bocca della Verità and the Temple of Hercules, closely
connected with the City's early Trojan and Greek settlers.  From
there, we visit the Portico of Ottavia, the Theater of Marcellus,
and other points in the old Ghetto (mornings or afternoons, 2

Campidoglio and Trajan's Column : this walk focuses on the
civic and sacred spaces of these two neighboring areas,
highlighting legends associated with the Emperor Augustus in
the church of  Santa Maria in Ara Coeli as well as the famous
architectural design by Michelangelo for the Capitoline hill. Last
stop is the well-known Column of Trajan, flanked once by
Hadrian's Latin and Greek libraries in the Imperial Forum  
(mornings or afternoons, 2 hrs.)

The Pantheon and Santa Maria sopra Minerva : this itinerary
concentrates on the architectural wonders of Hadrian's temple
to all the gods (Pantheon) and its neighboring church of
Santa Maria sopra Minerva -- highlighting sculptures by Bernini and
Michelangelo in the latter church as well as in Piazza Navona
(mornings, 2hrs.)
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