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This is my conception of part of the wall surrounding
the Garden of the Hesperides. To draw a mythical
place like this, one must enter a sort of dream state
and literally "see" one's way into and beyond the
paper surface.
José Grave de Peralta
Toroazul Painting and Fine Arts
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images painted in
Los silencios de Roma
This column stands alone in a small public space
behind the majestic Palazzo Massimo in Rome, near
Corso Vittorio Emanuelle.  I drew it with colored
It took me several days' visits on my bicycle to this
site, and subsequent walks and pencil studies of the
place to finally sit down and draw this view of the
Milvian Bridge along Rome's Tiber River.   Below is a
close-up of the tower, but from another angle, and
with less intensity.