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Before moving to Byzantium (modern-day Istanbul), which
he named Constantine's City , or Constantinople, the
emperor is believed to have given to then-Pope Sylvester I
the so-called DONATIO Constantini, in effect, the deed of
the City of Rome.
As I continued to study the historical figure and Roman monuments dedicated by or
to Constantine, I became aware of the intricate juxtapositions of facts and legendary
accounts of his life and that of people close to him. I soon came across the images of
the man, stamped on old Roman coins dating back to his 4th century A.D. timeline.
And I decided to do a series of black and white sketches "celebrating" significant
moments of his life. With this sort of playful brainstorming, I had an opportunity to
think about the historical events precisely as I drew them from my fantasy, and to
think about composition and the very important issue of simplicity in the art of
minting coins.

Below are some of my drawings for "new commemorative medals" to be
hypothetically  issued in 2012, marking the anniversary of this emperor's battle at
the Milvian Bridge in 312 A.D., defeating his opponent Maxentius.
two proposals for medals on The Baptism of Constantine
The Emperor as St. John the Baptist
The Donation of CONSTANTINE
Greco-Roman CONSTANTINE, with battle standard, sun, and Basilica
The "eye" or  vision of CONSTANTINE
The Arch of Constantine:
Commemorative medals
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