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On the left is a photo of a
Roman coin from the
early 300s A.D., showing
Constantine's mother,
HELENA, as empress,
shortly after her son rose
to his own imperial
position at the death of his
CHLORO. It was
Constantine who gave her
the imperial ranking,
since Cloro had never
officially married her, etc.
Arch of Constantine    pen & ink  9" x  12"
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Arch Costantino in Rome
Coins from the Age of Constantine
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The story of this Roman Helen, to me, is very compelling. The Catholic Church canonize
her eventually for the role she played in not only her son Constantine's conversion but
in his legalization of the religion in the Roman world. At age 76, HELENA made her
legendary journey to the Holy Land in search of the relic of the True Cross (where Jesus
had been crucified 300 years prior). That same year,  her very beloved grandson, Crispo,
Constantine's son,  died under ambiguous circumstances. In fact, the emperor's own
wife, FAUSTA, dies at that time by suffocation in the baths at her palace in Rome, also
apparently by violence,  
Below are three charcoal studies of HELEN, Constantine as emperor of the East, and of
the Baptism of Constantine as a young man, by Pope Sylvester I (312 A.D.)
St. Helena with the relics   charcoal  10 "   x   20 "
Constantine as Emperor with the
charcoal      10 "  
x   18 "
Constantine's Baptism by Pope Sylvester
charcoal      10 "  x   18 "
Vera Cruz
pen & ink      10 "  x   18 "
This pen & ink drawing of Helena's journey, from Europe to Jerusalem, in search of the
Cross, is my tribute to the almost stark and absolutely daring figure of this woman. To
me, this drawing was also a meditation about many personal things and lifelong quests,
as related to family, faith, and country, as I see in her own life.  
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