Roman walks and a swim in the Lake of Martignano with dear
friends from Chile inspired  these watercolors and drawings in
August 2012
                     IL Ponte Rotto...of Pope Gregory XIII
watercolor  9 " x  12 "
                           Il Fontanone (Waterworks of
Pope Paul V Borghese on GIANICOLO Hill)
watercolor  9" x 12"
José Grave de Peralta
Toroazul Painting and Fine Arts
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      El Elefante de Bernini (The Burden of Wisdom)
watercolor  9 " x  12 "
                                              Arco degli Argentari
watercolor  9" x 12"
of Arco degli Argentari (with
sepia pencil    5" x  7"
Arco degli Argentari near Foro
watercolor  9" x 9"
Detail of Arco degli Argentari
(with emperor and wife
making votive offering
sepia pencil    7"
x  4"