From December 8, 2008, through January 7, 2009
in the Sienese town of Cetona, Italy, exhibited a number of
my works (CLICK here to view). Below are photos of some
of the people to whom I am very grateful for making this
event possible.
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Toroazul Painting and Fine Arts
Cetona (Siena)
Piazza Balestrieri 3 (53040)
+39 3343417731  
In Tuscany
Alessandra Garboli (in blue)
presented me to the Gallery
owners and also sponsored my
show.   Alessandra's friend, the
unique Ines, also there that
Architect and friend Vincenzo
Daniele -- and his entire
family-- were central to my
putting on this show from day
Gallery owner Rita Politzi
Gallery owner Serena Politzi
Someday Galleria Impression
will be in the history books...
for this and other events!
Riccarda (in white) and
Maurizio Guidi drove 2
hours from Florence that
Two other amazing Italians
-- Emanuela and Massimo
Verdoliva -- from Rome
Marcello, Vincenzo, Emy,
artist Toroazul, and Carlo
Alessandra Ravaioli (center) made my coming to Italy
possible in so many ways! She was "in Cetona" in heart!
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