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The Altar of Peace (ARA PACIS)  underlines how much the language of ROME
has to do with the human figure and with ornament.  If this monument were itself as plain
and devoid of figures as most modern buildings and memorial sites, it is doubtful that it
would have been spared by Time to carry itself  across the ages.  This is why the study of the
Altar and of many other Roman sites mandates the skillful reading and rendering in freehand
drawing techniques of the figures that act out in gesture the monuments' very essence.
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Pencil study of the processional figures of
Agrippa, Livia, and young boy, with
acanthus pilaster ... (details from the south
wall of the ARA PACIS)
The Bulls Heads (Bucrania), garlands, and
delicate palmettes located in the interior
walls of the ARA PACIS
Pencil study of the procession of
Augustus as High Priest, and Agrippa,
Livia, and children  --- from the Altar
My special thanks to
Dottoressa Orietta
Rossini, Curator in charge
of the Ara Pacis, for kindly
permitting me to draw the
Monument during
January 2013.
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