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Please click on the four pages above to view FRESCO work.
The large image above shows one of my original designs in the BUON FRESCO (or
"True" FRESCO) techniques. It is actually a full-color wall composition measuring
7 '  x  5 ' ---
CLICK here to view it in its entirety --- but this image shows only part
of the final painted surface, juxtaposed on the preliminary line drawing of the same
image! One of the unique features of FRESCO painting design is the correlation of
the DRAWING and PAINTING process from beginning to end.

Although I have always drawn and painted with charcoals, pastels, watercolor, and
oils, more recently I became interested in the art of FRESCO painting and studied
this challenging technique at the
Spinelli Institute of Art and Art Restoration  
(L'Istituto per l'Arte e il Restauro) in Florence, Italy.

Whereas most oil paintings, watercolors, or line drawings are movable art objects
usually created on easels or tables, the
BUON FRESCO (or TRUE Fresco) is
generally conceived as an integral part of the wall structure or architectural context
where it is painted.  Also, while in all other flat wall murals the paint dries as a
film on top of the wall surface, in traditional
BUON FRESCO the image is applied
to a wet plaster mixture of lime, sand, and water that binds with the wall's stone or
brick component and becomes one with the structure. For this reason, a TRUE
FRESCO painting is usually made to last.

In many ways, a traditional buon fresco is
painted architecture, and that is why the
history of this age-old technique is closely connected to the art of building.

The art of FRESCO involves a multi-layered
process that starts in the spirit of the
artist and ends in stone -- the stone or brick surface of the wall inside which -- not
"on" which -- the image is painted.

I invite you to learn more about the FRESCO painting technique and view one of my
own FRESCO designs by clicking on one of the links below.
If you are interested in
learning more about my
original FRESCO designs,
contact me so we can
discuss how this revered art
form can be made to enhance
the spaces of your home or
place of  business.
Galatea Raphael
(1510-1519) fresco Villa
Farnesina, ROME
Click here to VIEW one of my finished
FRESCO designs
DETAIL from Moonlight Cascade
7 '  x  5 '
Private commission
"Design, which by another name is
drawing, and consists of it, is the fount
and body of painting, sculpture and
architecture and of every other kind of
art, and the root of all sciences.  Let
whoever may have attained so much as to
have the power of drawing know that he
holds a great treasure. "
           Michelangelo Buonarroti
                        ( 1475 - 1564 )
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